Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson



Carrot Ironfoundersson




Human (by birth) Dwarf (by upbringing)


Captain in the (City Watch)


6’6" – Very, very muscular, a full head of orange hair




Family (presumably) attacked by bandits near the Copperhead mine. Raised by the king of the mine and his wife.

Marital Status

Courting (Angua)


Technically Carrot Ironfoundersson is a dwarf, for he was adopted and raised by dwarfs, even though he is biologically human. This made growing up difficult, especially since dwarfs are smaller than the typical human (Nobby Nobbs, as always is an exception to this rule) and Carrot is taller than the typical human. Carrot’s adopted father sent him to Ankh-Morpork to join the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. He is an exemplary policeman, but can be seen by others as too polite. In anyone else it would be suspicious; with Carrot however it is sincere. He has an old but extremely strong and sharp sword, and a funny birthmark.

Carrot is the most consciously and conscientiously law-abiding citizen in Ankh-Morpork. When he arrived, he brought with him the book The Laws and Ordinances of the Cities Ankh and Morpork, a very old book that once belonged to a retired Ankh-Morporkian Watchman. Having been brought up in dwarf culture, Carrot takes everything literally (throughout his appearances, he develops a fuller grasp of figurative language) and believes in obeying rules. The old Watchman’s descendant told Carrot about upholding justice, so Carrot enthusiastically enforced the laws as detailed in the old book, the contents of which were unknown to everyone, even old-time Watchmen. This got him into some trouble with the city government, starting with his arresting the head of the Thieves’ Guild. Yet, somehow, he managed to bring morale to the Watch just as Lady Sybil Ramkin did. Carrot is now Captain of the combined Ankh-Morpork City Watch; formally he would be called “Captain Ironfoundersson”, but most people call him “Captain Carrot”.

Carrot is not completely without prejudices, or perhaps quirks. A legacy of his upbringing by Dwarfs, who are reticent on some matters, is that he finds it very, very, difficult to talk about…er… gender-related issues. He therefore found the desire of some Dwarfs to openly differentiate themselves as female to be very difficult to accept, and this prudish, conservative, streak caused one of his first real rows with Angua. During a conversation with Angua he reveals that he has a prejudice against the undead, saying “I just don’t like them”, although he has most likely overcome this discrimination against the “differently alive”, seeing as he is now dating one.

Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson

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