The grim reaper





as old as the death of the first living thing


Anthropomorphic personification


releasing the spirits of dead beings


Tall, not what you’d call fleshy


Death’s Domain


Death is fascinated with humans in general, and as a result attempts to emulate their behaviour, if only to better understand them. However, as an immortal skeletal who does not have to pay heed to fatigue or even time, he seems to lack comprehension of some human concepts, such as detective novels. He is also described by Susan (his granddaughter) as someone who would solve world hunger, not by changing socioeconomic forces, but by giving everyone a good meal. While his job and anatomy cause a lack of emotions which he displays in his hollow voice , Death can be quite passionate about life in general.

He is fond of kittens, Binky, Susan, curries and life (without which he would be useless). He strongly dislikes the Auditors, whose machinations against life he considers to be cheating, and at times has seemed to resent Rincewind’s unpunctuality, though at other times he has seemed more amiable toward him. He sticks by his duty and very rarely interferes in human affairs, because of The Rules. He has, however, been known to persuade Susan to act in his stead, not always by straightforward means; she occasionally reflects that he may have learnt a bit more about human behaviour than he lets on.

While Death himself cannot be seen by most individuals, (with the exceptions of cats, children, wizards and other anthropomorphic personifications,) unless he wants them to see him, he is unable to see immortal beings, as they are not subject to his “power”. As they cannot die, he has nothing to with with them and thus cannot see them. This reflects that most humans cannot see him, as they naturally do not think about dying.


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