Mr. Slant

head of the Guild of Lawyers







Head of the Guild of Lawyers


Grey skin, old, and zombie-like in every way.




Many years ago


Mr. Slant of Morcombe, Slant and Honeyplace is the head of the Guild of Lawyers in Ankh-Morpork. He is always involved in shadowy business but never caught out committing a crime. He died ages ago, but that has never stopped him from continuing his work.

It is usually reported that he became a zombie as he wished to pursue the financial disbursements involved in conducting his own defence at the trial that lead to his execution.

Among the people who fear Mr Slant are the rest of the lawyers of Ankh-Morpork. Not only has he read those big intimidating books that they keep behind them on shelves to scare their clients, he in fact wrote many of them. Plus he has been around so long that he almost counts as legal precedent on his own.

“Mr. Slant did not, despite what had been said, have the respect of Ankh-Morpork’s legal profession. He commanded its fear. Death had not diminished his encyclopedic memory, his guile, his talent for corkscrew reasoning, and the vitriol of his stare. Do not cross me this day, it advised the lawyers. Do not cross me, for if you do I will have the flesh from your very bones and the marrow therein. You know those leather-bound tomes you have on the wall behind your desk to impress your clients? I have read them all, and I wrote half of them. Do not try me. I am not in a good mood.”

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Mr. Slant

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