Ponder Stibbons

second-most junior member of the Faculty of Unseen University



Ponder Stibbons






Young, beardless, bespectacled


Unseen University

Marital Status

Never married but may have had a holiday romance of the shuffling and slightly embarrassed “…errrm….” kind with Diamanda (Lucy Tockley) while on study-leave in Lancre


Ponder Stibbons is the second-most junior member of the Faculty of Unseen University, with an absolutely overwhelming interest in the more theoretical branches of applied magic. His senior fellows ignore his researches until circumstances force them upon their notice, whereupon Stibbons does rather over-react.

When he gets the full attention of the fellow wizards he usually completely fails in explaining the topic. Maybe he is unable to verbalise his complex thoughts. On the other hand this may be because it is rather hard to explain quantum physics to someone with the attention span of a 4-year-old. Ponder Stibbons is quite popular with the younger students. He is the Head of Inadvisably Applied Magic and Project Co-ordinator for pretty much all the research projects happening at UU.

Ponder Stibbons can usually be found in the High Energy Magic Building where he spends his time fiddling with the fabrics of time and space. He also finds it quite convenient that the senior fellows avoid going there. He is the creator, (instigator? bemused attendant(?),) of the University’s super-computer Hex which is also located in the High-Energy Magic Building.

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Ponder Stibbons

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